What is FIRE?

FIRE stands for Financial Independence, Retire Early. It is a movement in the space of personal finance that encourages people to live well within their means, and aggressively save money towards early retirement.

Traditional concepts of personal finance have changed significantly in recent times, but the financial advice that most people have access to has not. In the last 20 years:

  • There has been an unprecedented level of inflation
  • Student loans and medical debt are orders of magnitude higher per capita
  • Owning a personal computing device and having a fast internet connection is not just a luxury, but often a necessity
  • All while wages have not changed significantly for the majority of the population

Modern Personal Finance

There are more personal finance tools than ever before at our disposal, but it's easy to get lost in the details. FIRE focuses on a very simple concept: live well within your means, and invest as much as possible early on to let exponential growth take care of the hard work.

We'll now ask you a few questions about your personal finances to show you that, even with a modest income, you can achieve financial freedom much earlier than most people realize it's possible.

Do you have any debts?

The average student or car loan debt is around $30,000.
The average student and car loan interest rate is 5-6%, mortgage is around 4%.

Do you have any investments?

Total money invested in stock market, 401K, etc.
The average stock market return for a 10-year period is 9.2% per year.

What is your income?

Total household income after taxes.
Percentage of your income going into investments and to pay off debt.

What are your retirement goals?

Annual after-tax target income after retirement.
Percentage of investments that can be withdrawn without a net negative effect. Typically 4%.